The Mishkan

The Mishkan

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We have been discussing the month of Adar and all that is connected with it. In addition to what we have already mentioned, the Second Temple was dedicated in the month of Adar according to Ezra 6.

Both the Mishkah and the Temple were where the spiritual realm touched the physical. It was as if both the Mishkan and the Beit HaMikdash acted as a gateway for the divine.

One of the most interesting connections we see to support this, is the fact that the word for the Divine Presence in Hebew is "Shekhinah," which happens to come from the same root as "Mishkan." It is from the root "to dwell." When the Creator asks that a Mishkan or sanctuary be built for Him, he says "Shakhanti," so "I may dwell in the midst." Shakanti, Mishkan, and Shekhinah are all connected.

The Creator then goes on to say that an offering be taken from those "whose hearts compel them." The Zohar HaKadosh teaches us that the heart is the seat of all our desires, whether good or bad. We read in the Zohar on Parsha Terumah 128b:

“How do we know that the Holy One Blessed Be He wants him and places His dwelling place in him? It is when we see that the desire of the person is to endeavor to pursue the Holy One, blessed be he, with his heart, soul and desire. We are certain then that the Shechinah dwells there. Then we should pay in full to befriend him and to learn from him………..
.....You must buy him for a full price in order to merit the Shechinah. This is how far it is necessary to pursue a righteous man and purchase him.

In another amazing connection, the Zohar shows us how the famous section of Pirkei Avot tells us "to make ourselves a Rabbi, and acquire a friend." However, just like we read above, Pirkei Avot actually says, "Kane l'cha chaver," which literally means "purchase for yourself a friend."

The point being made here, is that in any important relationship, investment is required. When we find that friend who can help us reach the next level in our relationship with the Creator, we are told to purchase him for the full price. Invest, with no discounts. This is true of our relationship with the Creator as well. We must be willing to invest everything we have in drawing closer to the Creator.

The result will be that we will construct a Mishkan, a dwelling place in our hearts, where Hashem will be able to dwell.

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